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Captured Time is proud to present a new feature on our website, The Store! Here you will find buttons, magnets, key chains, mirrors and booklets for sale. "Dislecksia: The Movie" is in critical need of finishing funds, and every little bit helps. All merchandise comes printed with a "Dislecksia: The Movie" logo. Please take a look. Purchasing an item will get you a memorable piece and help us receive the funding we need to get this documentary over the finish line!!!

Loop Dreams is now available for purchase, just $25!
(available in DVD only)
You can click the button and pay with Pay Pal


Aimee buttoning up some stock footage

Buttons: $2.00



Jon taking a break for a bit of light reading

Program: $7.00

Not yet available for shipping



Amanda bought some, why can't you?

Magnets: $2.00



Can't leave the farm without our Dislecksia gear

Key Chains: $3.00



Sam looking so dapper

Mirrors: $3.00





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