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The Roots of Roe

The Roots of Roe


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Abortion and contraception go back thousands of years. So does the question of who should control them.

Our attitudes about controlling human reproduction through abortion and contraception have changed radically over the centuries. So have our perceptions of the moral and ethical issues involved. The Roots of Roe reveals the story of abortion and contraception in America from the first surgical abortion in 1742 to the struggles over Roe v. Wade. In a debate often reduced to simple-minded slogans, The Roots of Roe offers partisans and the public a unique historical perspective on contemporary issues. Narrated by Ellen Burstyn and James Whitmore, the program has voices of historical characters provided by Katharine Hepburn, Joanne Woodward, Jason Robards, Peter Coyote, Ann Archer, Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields, Margaret Avery, and Sharon Stone. The Roots of Roe won three Emmy awards for Outstanding Documentary, Writing, and Directing.

Left to right:
Stephen Carter, Professor of Law, Yale University
Gloria Steinem, Founder, Ms. Magazine
Robert H. Bork, American Enterprise Institute
Father Joseph Looney, Sacred Heart Church, Waterbury CT
Helen Alvare, Spokesperson, National Conference of Catholic Bishops
Patricia Ireland, Former President, NOW

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National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Boston / New England
Emmy Award, Directing

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Boston / New England
Emmy Award, Writing

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Boston / New England
Emmy Award, Documentary

ITVA Vision Awards
Gold Award, Documentary over 30K

ITVA Awards
Gold Award, Outstanding Scriptwriting

WorldFest Charleston
Gold Award, Women's Issues

Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Chris Award, Social Issues

Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Edgar Dale Screenwriting Award

AFI (American Film Institute)
14th Annual International Video Festival

Central Florida Film & Video Festival

U.S. International Film & Video Festival
Silver Screen Award, History

The New York International Festivals
Finalist, History & Society

Eastern Educational Network Awards
Honorable Mention, Documentary

Cine Golden Eagle Awards
Documentary Feature Winner

New York Expo of Short Film & Video
Special Jury Award, Documentary

WorldFest Houston
Gold Award, Women's Issues

WorldFest Houston
Gold Award, Film and Video Production

Philadelphia International Film Festival
Finalist, Documentary

Chicago International Film Festival
Certificate of Merit, History/FILMMAKERS

U.S.A. Film Festival
Finalist, Documentary

The 21st Athens International
Film & Video Festival

Connecticut Associated Press
Best Feature

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Awards
Silver Award, Documentary



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