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Real stories of what happens on the road during the making of Dislecksia


The airport story#1


Going through security at the airport V-man (A.K.A. Harvey Hubbell V) says "hey I like your shirt, are you a legislator?"
The man wearing the legislative boot camp t-shirt said, "no I am a lobbyist"
"Oh great" said V-man let me give you my card.
The man put his belt back on
"boy they take all the fun out of flying".
"Not all the fun" said V-man - just as his bag went through x-ray. The security guard squinted her eyes, tilted her head and called
additional security over.
V tapped his new friend "watch"
They took his bag on.
"Is this your bag sir?"
"Yes ma'am, it is"
"Will you come this way?"
"Yes ma'am"
"May we open it?"
"…of course, my friend".
The guard placed the bag on the counter and unzipped and opened it with her gloved hands reached in and pulled out the plastic brain. Another guard swabbed it to see if it had or had been around any explosives and the guard said "oh, who's brain?"
V-man said "mine…it's the only one I have."
They all laughed. The first guard said "it looked just like a brain on the x-ray".
"It is," said V. "I'm an organ donor"
The Lobbyist gave V his card.


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