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Producer/Director Harvey Hubbell V of Litchfield Connecticut and his company Captured Time Productions have just launched a new website to coincide with the beginning of a new documentary project about dyslexia called DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE.

DISLECKSIA will be a feature length documentary - informative but hopefully also entertaining and funny - about people with dyslexia, including Harvey Hubbell V. Harvey will take viewers on a journey of discovery to find out about dyslexia and what his fellow dyslexics have experienced and done in their lives. Along the way he will interview famous and unknown people with dyslexia, scientists who have the latest information on the biology and psychology of dyslexia, and educators who have developed effective techniques to help dyslexics learn.

Viewers will learn what dyslexia is and how it was discovered. They will see the latest brain imaging and learn about other cutting edge scientific research on how the dyslexic brain works. They will learn about effective methods for teaching dyslexics. They will learn how dyslexics feel when they have no way to interpret their experience except to think they are stupid, and the transformation that occurs when they learn the nature of their condition and discover that they can learn to do whatever other people do - if they can do so in their own way. The program will stress the highly original and creative strategies that dyslexics invent to compensate for their disabilities.

Captured Time has been working diligently on DISLECKSIA. To date Harvey has logged in 543 hours, the staff 385 hours (includes the editor, line producer and coordinator) and their college interns have logged in almost 535 hours of in-kind service.

They are currently finishing up on their research and exploration phase and have moved into the development phase. The budget is being formed and they are about to submit grant applications (Mid-September) and develop their shooting script. Shooting is scheduled to begin November 2005.

The new web address is: Check it out - it's a lot of fun - and a lot of you may see yourselves there! If you are interested working on this project or in an internship e-mail"

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