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Amistad SlaveThis 33-minute documentary is the dramatic history of the 1839 Amistad incident. The story began on the Amistad, a Spanish ship bound for Cuba, when 53 captive Africans, led by Sengbe Pieh, revolted, captured the vessel, and demanded that its crew return them to their Mendi homeland. Instead, the Spaniards secretly sailed up the North American coast, where a U.S. ship captured the Amistad and took the Africans prisoner. The Africans were transported to New Haven, Connecticut, where they were tried on charges of mutiny and murder. Ultimately, the incident led to the U.S. Supreme Court's first civil rights case, U.S. v. The Schooner Amistad, which resulted in the freedom of the captive Mendi and their eventual return to their homeland. The Amistad Revolt explores issues of criminal law, human rights, international law, intercultural communication, and the growth of the abolitionist movement in antebellum America. Narrated by award-winning stage actress Vinnie Burrows, it was produced by Karyl K. Evans. Jeremy Brecher – of Captured Time – served respectively as supervising producer and writer.

The Amistad Revolt was the American Bar Association’s 1997 Silver Gavel Award Winner for Film and Video. The awarding committee’s commentary:

The Amistad Revolt: "All We Want Is Make Us Free" is a well-produced, compelling documentary about the first civil rights case decided by the United States Supreme Court. It covers many areas of law very well, placing the case in historical context. Its special value is in recalling to consciousness a neglected but absorbing story of the American experience.

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National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Boston/ New England
Emmy Nomination, Children and Youth Special

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Boston/ New England
Emmy Nomination, Writing

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Boston/ New England
Emmy Nomination, Narration

Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Education and Information, Honorable Mention

American Bar Association
Silver Gavel Award

Silver Hugo Award


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