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Cheryl Baldyga

Uncle Harv and Andie "captured" about 200 hours of my time in 1996.  I was 19 years old and a sophomore at the University of Hartford.  The first thing I did wrong was forget a receipt after buying stamps for them at the Post Office.  I then set up a new filing cabinet for Andie, ignorantly placing the tabs backwards on all the folders.  I guess I'd never filed anything before, and I hoped to never do it again.  Of course Andie didn't let me off easy--she left them that way for a whole week and them made me fix them on my next shift.

Eventually I was promoted to off-line editing on Roots of Roe.  I really enjoyed this job, although one of the requirements was to be locked in the cold, dark basement all day.  Harv and Andie had a little bit of a spider problem back then.  I kid you not, those stinkers were as big as my hand!  The first one I saw I mistook for a left over Halloween decoration.  When it moved, I calmly backed away from the edit table and called up the stairs.  All matters of work shut down as three interns assisted me in trapping the beast in a mayonnaise jar and disposing of it 100 yards down the street.

It turns out that dealing with the spiders was well worth it because Harv got me an unpaid gig as a camera trainee on the indie feature Blackmale.  Two weeks into production, the 2nd AC quit and I got her job!!  I never worked for free again.

I ended up working as an AC all over New England for four years and then moved to LA and worked in Hollywood for two years.  Although I loved the work, I couldn't stand the city and eventually moved to Wyoming to research a documentary on the cattle business.  Wyoming turned me into a cowgirl and I now run the horse program for a beautiful guest resort, Lone Mountain Ranch, in Big Sky Montana.  I do some camera operating on the side for the Outdoor Life Network's (OLN) PBR Bull riding tour.  Now that is a fun job!  I am also working on a couple of western themed documentaries with a friend of mine in Jackson Hole, but I have to do that kind of stuff in the winter because horses keep me so busy in the summer.

Every day of my life is an adventure and an opportunity.  I get to work outside in beautiful places and meet interesting people.  Harv and Andie have served as mentors and helped inspire me to go to new places and try new things.  Whenever I talk to them it is just like old times!  They have truly become life-long friends. 


Jessica Barr

Jessica BarrI left Captured Time to work above a garage by the CT shoreline with 2 guys wearing T-shirts, shorts and Birkenstock sandals…with socks...I just don’t get it. They called themselves, Essex Television Group. My first video was about Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injuries…No Script...No outline…Just a few interviews and some b-roll. And it was translated into 8 different languages. So if you need to know how to say orgasm in Norwegian, just give me a shout.

Five years later and now I am the Senior Editor, managing post-production and editing a variety of programs ranging from a news magazine style programs, long form documentaries, educational videos, corporate videos, and videos for museum display. If you find yourself in Mystic, CT…Stop by the Aquarium, you’ll be able to see some of my videos. Other programs have aired on Discovery HD Theater, HDNet, and CPTV.

I have been fortunate to work with some great producers, directors and editors, who have given me the freedom to follow my instincts in developing a story and challenged me as an editor. But I really do miss the late nights at Captured Time... editing with Wildcat in my lap and a glass of wine in my hand.


Kevin Belli

Working at Captured Time prepares a person for many things. How to buy groceries in Litchfield, how to properly drink Saki in a teepee, how to sweep out a barn, how to pretend you actually know what the hell Harvey is rambling about, but mostly it prepares a person for moments like the one in the picture I've enclosed. This is me and a guy named Gary. Gary is originally from Texas, but for the past 18 years, Gary has been practicing Aghor (an extreme sect of Hinduism which includes in its practice the act of canabalism) in India. The skull in my hand is the first person Gary ever ate. When I finally met Gary, we drank cheap whiskey out of it and talked about John Lee Hooker. Some people say that's pretty weird. Only in a screwed up occupation like documentary filmmaking could you ever meet such a person. I usually respond with, "'ve never met Harvey Hubbell." I fully believe that my drinking from this skull is what broke the curse for the Red Sox. (Hey O'Sullivan...notice the handy Sonny McCleans t-shirt from my favorite Sox bar in Santa Monica)

So besides drinking with cannibals, I'm also the Senior Editor and main DP for a small production company out of the Boston area. We've produced docs for the History Channel, History Channel International, Discovery Health and Discovery World.

When I first came to Captured Time, I didn't even know what a Beta Tape was. Now I'm dropping and breaking my camera in Los Angeles, getting my new camera stolen in Italy, and cursing the day I actually spent money on that crappy movie Constantine. Keanu Reeves can't freakin' act!! How many times do I need to blow $10 before I finally figure that out!!

Well, I've really come a long way from those days back on the farm. It was a blast being up there, and it was a great experience. Now tell the Interns to stop calling me!!

Quick secret: on really late nights when everyone went to bed, I'd log tapes with my shirt off.


Dan Castelli

Growing up in Wallingford, Connecticut is probably not the best location for someone who wants to make movies for a living, but I won't let that get me down. I'm the youngest of five kids so I am used to being the underdog. I used to make movies all the time with my brothers just goofing around but I never thought I could make it my career. After high school I went to Central Connecticut State University and found out that I could actually make movies for a living!

I graduated from CCSU in December of 2005 and then immediately came to Captured Time for an internship. When I first started my internship at Captime it was a different atmosphere than I expected because of all the animals running or sleeping around. I have enjoyed my time here so far and I've been learning a lot about the film business from Harvey, Yvonne, Eric and Joe.

When I started interning I learned how to log, how to use a beta deck, the difference between cables (XLR, BNC, RCA, Firewire), how to dub from just about any format to any other format (including cassette tape to CD), codes and labels and petty cash. Then I moved up and learned how to use a Panasonic AG-DVX100A and B camera, patch board connections, some basic Avid Newscutter XP skills (capturing/digitizing music and video, editing, backing up files and of course TROUBLE SHOOTING!), capturing stills from video, locating rights to music, finding and researching computer graphics companies, how to pack for a shoot and work on a set (loading and unloading, setting up and breaking down lights, cameras, audio equipment, craft services, gelling windows, checking equipment, field logging, gaffer taping, grip, acting, and much, much more).

Probably two of the most important things I've learned are; Never assume anything and be prepared for everything!

After a lot of hard work and dedication I've earned the position of Assistant Editor and I'm now training the new interns. I'm looking forward to building this project and continuing to learn this business.

.......Now if I could just teach the old folks to love and appreciate Pearl Jam things would be right with the world! (Eddie Vedder's daughter, incidentally, is dyslexic.)


Julie L'Abbe Coraggio

My career started the fall of 1997. I packed my bags and moved to Danbury, CT to work on an independent film called Blackmale. Little did I know I'd be living in an attic, in a house with 9 strange men, stealing food from the set to eat and meeting my future husband all at the same time. Roger Coraggio was the man behind the Loop Dreams camera. He made working long hours for no money all worth staying. Of course it was a great course in Production and led me to working for Harvey and Andie on Loop Dreams. So, I packed my bags again and moved to the farm. Talk about not getting away from work. My bedroom was on the other side of the Avid suite and I had to walk through it to get to the bathroom. It stills amazes me I did not scare all the interns away. They all saw me first thing in the morning, in my PJ's and with a green face mask. This is my public apology to all those I've scared! I spend 1 years living Blackmale over and over. It was like the movie Ground Hogs Day. I got to know the crew of Blackmale very well. Besides reliving all 100 hours of footage I had the chance to learn how to edit on an Avid system. 8 years later I am still using those skills. After Loop Dreams I went to work at World Wrestling Entertainment (formally WWF). I was the Non-Linear Editor Supervisor for 4 years. Roger and I had a beautiful wedding August 16, 2002.
Now I am a freelance editor doing a lot of work for the promos department at ABC. My future goal is to become a feature film editor and move to California. Of course with Roger and maybe a couple kids.

  I would like to say Hello all my old friends from Loop Dreams. We had some great times. I'll never forget the day I heard Andie and Harvey leaving the house, early in the morning, to welcome the arrival of Alex. The rest of us Loop Dreamers didn't do much that day. We all know who we are and in fact I quit my part time waitressing job that day. I don't think Harvey was happy with us but the excitement of their new baby took over all our emotions. Best wishes to all past, present and future interns at Captured Time and to the Hubbell family.


Matt Corrigan

Matt CorriganMatt always knew he'd be in movies, he just wasn't sure exactly what part. When he met Harvey, they were working for Locations on "Mr. Deeds." After being one of Mr. Hubbel's foot-soldiers for a month, Matt went to work on the farm. There he was taught many valuable lessons, such as videotape conservation, the ins and outs of being a P.A., and how to organize thoughts, footage, and offices. Harv also showed him what duvatine was.
Following his tenure at the farm, Matt realized what he was supposed to be doing for the wonderful world of film: killing people. There were dead bodies to be made, blood to be mixed, monsters to be created, and makeup to be done. Matt quickly realized that Special Effects was what he was meant to do. He has since worked on many films, big and small, good and bad. Most recently he worked on the recent release of 300, Ghostrider from Columbia Pictures, and I Am Legend starring Will Smith, a Warner Brothers film to be released in 2008.


Brendan Cusack

Shortly into my internship at Captured Time Productions, I picked up one of the Emmy's that litter their place and exclaimed to Harvey and Andie, 'Geez, I thought it would be heavier.' I was (and probably still am) rather irreverent and it was an immediate match for the next few months as we toiled away on Loop Dreams. It's funny to think that back in 1999 we had about 20 gigs of space, which was almost unheard of at the time, but as I write this currently I'm sitting next to three terabytes of hard drive space that was bought at the local Best Buy. Oh, how times have changed.

Captured Time was a great bridge between graduating from film school at Northwestern University and into the 'real' world of production. Through Harvey, I worked on many commercial sets not to mention the immense amount of editing time I received while interning at the farm.

I honed a lot of my skills at Cap Time and although my career has vacillated between editing music videos, EPK's, reality television, and commercials; I am currently back in the doc world.  Last year I edited/co-produced When I Came Home, a film that explores the issues facing Iraq war veterans and won Best New York Doc at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.  Most recently I completed Skid Row, another feature doc which explores the issues of the homeless in Los Angeles and was released theatrically in August of '07. I simultaneously blame and thank Captured Time for instilling in me the instinct to take these jobs.


Katherine "Kissy" Dabbs

I graduated from Yale in 1997, and immediately absconded to Seattle for a year where I tutored athletes at UW and continued researching on female genital cutting - quite a duo of activities. My students saw my research and grew to believe I was an STD expert. They would frequently ask me "what is this" - and once the initial shock wore off, I began responding rather calmly - "that would be herpes" or "that's something I like to call syphilis."

Then it was back East for law school and very cold weather at Harvard and then to DC to clerk for a federal judge and become a litigator, a job I have really loved.

In far more interesting news, a year ago, I married Ankush Tewari, who I had first dated in high school, and for a while in law school. We had a ridiculous wedding that blended Ankush's family's Indian traditions (he was born in Bombay) with my family's Mississippi traditions. Out traditional mehendi party where women's hands are painted with henna paste was combined with a catfish fry complete with an Elvis impersonator. Luckily my parents had just left the Baptist church to become Presbyterians, we got to drink and dance and everything - picture 500 people in our backyard for a sit down dinner (100 of whom did not RSVP) during tornado storms dancing to a blue grass trio, a bhangra DJ and a 60s band - it was an asinine circus, but tons of fun! Ah, marriage. And apparently it took - we are expecting a daughter, Clara Sejal, in July and are still living and lawyering in DC, although I'm enjoying writing short stories more than I thought I would … who knew?


Melanie Dante

Harv, Andie and I met on the set of the Shooting Gallery's "Crossing the Styx" back in the early 90s. Guerilla filmmaking would be an understatement! We bonded as a collective family unit that can only be had on an independent film - especially when the budget is tight and half the crew is at war after working back-to-back 18 hour shoots out on location. I respected them both so much after that experience I came on board at the beginning of Captured Time for Electronic Road Film to assist with editing and stock footage, and again on location when Harv helped out Alex Klymko with "Killer". There is nothing like working with pyrotechnics in the midst of a blizzard! I'd have loved to have worked with them more, but writing and photography are my primary talents, and we eventually went our separate ways. Here is what is going on with me these days!

Melanie G. Dante` - Creative Consultant, Writer & Photographer.

September 2001, after eleven years in New York City, Melanie became a full time resident of Lancaster, PA. In August, 2003 Melanie received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Journalism from Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. Her articles and interviews have appeared in pop culture and film journals in Canada and England. Most recently she acted as character consultant for Don Silver's second novel (his first novel, Backwards Facing Man was published September, 2005, Harper Collins); creative consultant for Barrel Entertainment in Detroit; and content/proofreader for various local artists including Mimi Shapiro and Octavia Blues. She has been involved in two recent photographic exhibitions of Documenting Eyes Wide Open, an educational presentation on the human cost of war; has images up at local coffee shops of Lancaster personalities and events; and has had her photographs used in local blues and jazz projects. Some of her work may be viewed at

In January, 2006, Melanie completed a Master of Art in Medical Writing and Qualitative Research (interviews, field research, case studies). As part of her graduate thesis Melanie began a women's health forum,, which she hopes will generate strong interest women's reproductive health issues.

Over the last two years while working on her masters degree she revamped skills used on past film sets to refurbish a working class home (circa 1900) in historic downtown Lancaster where she also has a small, by referral, photography studio set up. When not working with literary or photographic art, Melanie is a dementia certified care-giver, and works with the aging and the terminally ill. In her spare time she is a mentor to inner city youth, and has started an organic garden project, along with a small collectibles company with her Mother who was recently diagnosed with MS. She plans on staying in Lancaster until her mother's care directive is secured, and then hopes to move to a more cosmopolitan area where she can fully utilize her creative and technical talent. She presently lives alone with her three Australian lizards and a little black kitten named Jazz. Both creative and health related resumes are available by request.


Elisa Diamond

Elisa DiamondI interned at Captured Time back in 2000 while going to school at Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted. Captured Time was my first experience as a Production Assistant in the film industry, and was a great introduction of how crazy, stressful, and fun it can be. Since then I attended Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia for film and video. I worked at a post-production house in CT for a while before deciding I needed a change and wanted some adventure. After a great road trip, I settled in Long Beach, CA. I've recently started a wedding photography business with a friend, and am currently working for a post-production house in L.A. Although I still have a ways to go to get to where I want to be, Andie and Harvey were a great inspiration and energy-it gives me hope knowing that if you want it you can make it happen!


Shawn Dwyer

After abandoning the freelance world due to the realization that he could never live up to Harvey Hubbell’s example or expectations, Shawn Dwyer moved to Los Angeles to start a screenwriting career. Seven years and as many scripts later, Shawn has continued to pursue his dream while establishing himself as a biographies writer for Baseline/Studio Systems and film reviewer for Fond memories and life lessons from Captured Time pale in comparison to the greatest gift of all: his Spare Brain™, which rests atop his monitor to this day.

He can be contacted at



David Erickson

After nearly a year with Captured Time (and the generous tutelage of Harvey and Andie … though no one can be sure they'll ever again trust an intern with their AVID), David accepted, under questionable
circumstance, a grown-up job as a Production Assistant with Hedrick
Smith Productions in Washington, D.C. on PBS/Frontline show, "The Wall Street Fix," which, he has subsequently been informed, won an Emmy for "Outstanding Documentary on a Business Topic." Since then, he has been able to consistently maintain sporadic employment in the incestuous Washington, D.C. television world, working for the
Discovery Times Channel, the American Film Institute's documentary
film festival Silverdocs, the Discovery Channel itself, and the
Discovery Production Group where he was able to fully utilize the
mathematical skills he spent years honing as an SAT tutor. At
present, he toils as an Associate Producer for Sirens Media on the new Court TV series "Suburban Secrets," which has been charitably
described as the bastard love child of "Desperate Housewives" and
"Cold Case Files." Despite the all the death and Tupperware lurkingin the darkest corners of American suburbia, he has managed to learn a great deal and was even permitted to pen an episode or two (earning
the curious credit of "Story Producer," which is a possible
neologism), something he hopes to do a great deal more of in the


Jeremy Fiske

I had just started my film major at the University of Hartford and Captured Time was my first internship, so I was very excited about the prospect of starting some kind of work in the field. I had no idea what to expect, or the type of work that was expected of me as a production assistant. So when the first thing that was asked of me was to clean a closet, I thought to myself, this isn't how I thought movies were made, but hey what the heck, I'll clean the closet and do a damn good job of it. Well I eventually found out that cleaning a closet isn't exactly making a movie but it, along with the experience at Captured Time taught me that organization and patience is a huge and integral part of the movie making process. Eventually I did get to use a camera; Harvey in fact was the first person to show me how to use a 16mm camera, a camera I would come to have a love hate relationship with. It was also through Capture Time that I got my first paid Production Assistant jobs. I am now at Emerson College continuing my film career, and will be heading to LA in a year for an internship, where I will most likely be starting again by cleaning a closet.


Ben Gutman

After interning for Captured Time in 1996 on Roots of Roe, I applied to law school -- the subject matter of the documentary got me interested in the law -- and ended up back at Yale in the fall of 1997. Upon graduation in 2000 I spent a year clerking for a federal appellate judge in Denver. I then moved to Washington, DC, where I was an appellate attorney at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In 2004 my girlfriend, Felice, was accepted to graduate school in New York (Rockefeller University, where she studies molecular biology) and I decided to move with her. Luckily for me, I ended up in Eliot Spitzer's office, where I continue to specialize in appellate work as an Assistant Solicitor General.

In my spare time, I've taken up running fairly seriously. I finished my first marathon in the fall of 1997 and have now run about 6 (including one ultramarathan that was about 33 miles). I've also become an avid biker, and when I was in Washington I sang with a medieval and Renaissance music group called the Suspicious Cheese Lords.


Bruce D Haag

Bruce began his storytelling career at the age of ten, when his best friend introduced him to Dungeons & Dragons. Since then, he has been creating new worlds and characters. After graduating high school, he and some friends started a public access TV show called CenterRing, which promoted local independent wrestling. He spent four years serving his country in the US Army, and then went back to school. Besides working for Captured Time, he spends his free time (what free time?) working on several projects in various states of pre-production.


Hope Hamilton

I am a nurse, a babysitter, bartender, security guard, physiatrist, garbage collector, cable guy, fortuneteller, weather girl, dirty joke teller, and about a hundred other things. No, I’m not an intern at Captured Times Productions. I left the farm to fly the friendly skies as a flight attendant. Now, instead of trips to the big barn, or on special occasions to Staples I travel to far away destinations such as Buffalo, Tampa, and Syracuse. Though I’m not in the “business” that I was in training for, I still use a lot of the tools I learned during my time at Cap Time. I haven’t given up on my dreams of seeing something that I helped to create on a big or little screen someday. They are just simmering on the back burner, while I explore the country filling up my notebook, with my mini adventures.


Kristen Havens

Since leaving CapTime in 1997, Kristen has worked as a producer, editor, videographer, web developer, telemarketer, TV show screener, book publicist (finally, something that doesn't end with "or" or "er"), and bloggER. Yet none of these noble callings holds a candle to her one true passion: to become a professional, licensed medieval dungeon inmate re-enactor (Oh, the lure of a union job). When she's not on training vacations in the U.K., Havens can be found glued to her computer in Los Angeles, "writing screenplays," an avocation that bears an uncanny resemblance to the video game Snood. You can read more about her and her Hollywood adventures at

She'd like to thank Harv & Andie for turning her on to dungeons (a.k.a. Harvey's-basement-Hi-8 edit suite) in the first place. And for giving her a role model for a successful and happy partnership in the arts. You guys rock!


Steve Hodolitz

I spent one unforgettable semester at the farm. I was most excited to finally find a workplace where I didn't have to wear shoes. After getting my first assignment, making a sound booth out of a closet, I went back and checked my resume. Nope, nothing about sound booths on there, but this didn't seem to faze Yvonne or Harv. So I set out to do some research and after surviving the fumes from the glue, I had pieced together what I consider to be a masterpiece of sound booth construction. But it wasn't all about glue sniffing at Captured Time. It was a great place to learn the basics of filmmaking, what you need to take on a shoot if you're heading into the rainforest, how to edit and how to construct your story. I also learned to like cats, thanks to Darwin who taught me that not all cats are stuck up jerks. I'm now at ESPN working in the new media department, happy to have a steady paycheck in a job that allows me to edit. Although currently in television, I haven't given up on my filmmaking aspirations, so stay tuned………


Nancy Katz

I'm living in LA now. Came out for grad school at the AFI, wrote an ABC TV movie, and was hired on a re-write of a comedy for Lion's Gate Films and am about to send out a TV pilot amongst other things. Kept my toes dipped in the world of documentaries by making one for CBC radio about romance writers since my sister has become one. Bought a sweet craftsman cottage in Silver lake and in the last few years have traveled to Vietnam, Hungary, Prague, Hawaii and a bunch of other places. I also have a cat with two teeth who drools.



Jenna Kijowski

My career has grown in leaps and bounds since interning at Captured Time Productions. While I was still attending Quinnipiac University, I received screen credit for editing on the independently produced film "Without Mercy", directed by Ralph Server. The film won Grand Jury Prize-Best Feature at the 2004 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

Since graduating from the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center at Quinnipiac University two years ago, I have been employed by ESPN as a video editor at its main headquarters in Bristol, CT. In January 2005 a number of my peers and I began working on our own production of an independent movie.


David Kinney

Entering college as a music major, I never thought I would find myself more passionate about another subject. Having registered for a theater class as an elective, I soon found myself part of a team whose goal was to put on the best damn production of Shakespeare’s A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, ever! And we did.

Inspired by a summer internship with a professional photographer, I thought a story could be told best through the eyes of the camera and became more focused on cinematography. 

In my final semester, I began a journey that I'm not sure will ever end; a quest for light, liberty and storytelling. I unknowingly entered into "Captured Time", both figuratively and quite literally. The "dungeon", located in the bowels of the Hubbell residence of the mid-90's, was a damp, dark, messy place were time stood still and creativity ran rampant, as did V's (aka, Harvey Hubbell V) voice as he answered calls, chased away small animals, put out fires and corralled certain chaos in an attempt to forge a film that we all worked tirelessly to finish. In the end, when the doors of the dungeon swung open wide we all rejoiced as V's baby, American Road Film had come to life kicking and screaming.

After this torturous yet enlightening internship, my college graduation seemed a breeze. Shortly there after, I took my first real job cutting on an Avid and shooting on Beta and D-Beta cameras for various corporate, documentary and industrial productions at Visual Concepts. 

Becoming more interested in editing I took a job as Editor/DP for the Saint Francis Care Today Show at Storyline Pictures. After two seasons I needed a break from the deadlines and routine of a weekly television show and expanded my knowledge into Web-based multimedia. 

At Moving Pictures, I now make use of all my varied experiences, working with clients on broadcast and multimedia projects. And I still get the satisfaction of working with a great cast of characters… on both sides of the producer's desk.  Yet, nothing could have prepared me more for the tight deadlines, stress, long-hours, everything-that-can-go-wrong-going-wrong scenarios, difficult and needy clients, than going through V's production boot-camp otherwise known as, the dungeon!


Khalda Logan

Khalda passed away in 2007 at the age of 39 after an 18 month battle with cancer. She is warmly remembered by all that were lucky enough to have known her. She will be missed.
Khalda Logan Memorial Foundation

My thoughts of Captured Time back in (I think) 1997 - 1998 are great. One of my best friends, Kris Scahlis and I worked at the farm together logging tapes and doing some editing. We would carpool there from Danbury and sometimes I would rush from NYC where I was going to Graduate school to make it on time. This was my first exposure to Litchfield, Connecticut and the concept of traveling on the snowy roads of CT. Kris' car was better than mine so we usually drove in her car yet, we always said an extra prayer to have enough traction to get up the icy inclines on our way. Harvey and Andy were a great combination of boss, role model, friend, creative artist and professional. The atmosphere was like working for family with laughter, debates, animals, food and talks about our futures. My first up close exposure to what the independent film & video world was really like happened there. They helped to inspire me to believe that I could make my own work on my own terms.

After leaving Captured Time, I went on to get an MFA degree from NYU - Tisch and now I am a media professor at Western Connecticut State University.


Mike Mongillo

After leaving Cap Time in late 1996, I relocated to New York City to join in the great fin-de-siecle dot-com explosion and I've been riding the ups-and-downs of the industry ever since. (Remarkably, some of the companies I've worked for are actually still in business!) At the same time, I have continued to pursue my love of historical research and story telling which first brought me to Harv and Andie's doorstep, and recently I've earned my masters degree in American History from Hunter College of the venerable City University of New York.


Jeff O'Coin

Since my time at Captured Time, I've graduated from Central Connecticut State University. My last credits came from editing two out of four episodes of a reality TV show. The show was shown on CCSU's television station, Central Arts. Unfortunately I was never told when it would air and only found out one night by chance, so I was unable to tell anyone. Since then I've been working in New York City as a video editor for a broadcast monitoring company. It's not exactly what I'd like to be doing, but it's a start, and hopefully I'll be doing more creative editing or working on my own projects soon.


Jerry O'Sullivan

Jerry O'SllivanAh, what to say about Captured Time Productions. I’ve never felt so good about working that hard and not getting paid for it. I started my internship pretty much right after I graduated college and was living in Connecticut. I met the Captured Time Production team through a mutual friend, went for an interview and started the next day. My daily tasks ranged from answering phones, faxing, and copying (it is an internship), to learning the avid in my spare time. The longer I was there the more responsibility I was able to take on. I was given the opportunity to attend film festivals in New York and Park City Utah (which was easily the best week of my life) I was wearing a sandwich board but I did look good in it.

I have been living in Los Angeles California for the past four years. Harvey helped me land my first job out here as a production assistant at a production company. From there I networked, worked hard and paid my dues. Currently I'm a Post Production Coordinator / Supervisor and have worked on television shows for Fox, UPN, NBC, WB, and HBO. I can honestly tell you that I would not be where I am today if I had not gone to that interview on the farm.


Mike Reilly

I interned for about a year with Captured Time in 1999-2000. I have since left the Connecticut area and moved to the fine state of New Jersey where I live with my girlfriend in West New York . I spent 2 years working at a production facility, called National Video, which closed it's doors a few years ago(always fun).  I am currently working as the scheduling manager of Treehouse Media Services in Times Square . We are a fully loaded editing and duplication facility specializing in direct response advertising, video duplication and new media. Thanks Harvey , I should have become a dentist. 


Dave Reynolds

After interning for Harvey and Andrea, I went back to Yale and directed a documentary on the explosive hip-hop group, Nuts in Your Mouth. Hanging out with strippers, joking with Ed Norton's date at the premier of Fight Club, and alienating Claire Daines from the realm of reality became all part of my "long strange trip" in the film industry.

"Super Dave", as Harvey liked to call me, gained a passion for influencing lives, and after graduating I left film to teach English at a regional magnet school in New Haven. This experimental high school is completely teacher run so, in a way, I have became a director. Everyday I design my own curriculum, free from the restrictions of textbooks and a principal, leading HSC to receive the highest writing scores in the city. We playfully embrace The Crucible, dissect Dostoevsky, and compare classics of the western cannon to contemporary hip-hop. I was published by Yale Press in 2002 for a curriculum unit I designed in conjunction with Professor Alexander Nemerov entitled, American Literature and Painting from 1800-1840, in addition to designing a class called, Poetry and the Hip Hop Movement.

Driving to the farm over one hour each way never seemed like a chore and travel has become my passion. I've since crossed the country twice, surfed Waimia Bay (Hawaii), Trestles (California), Soup Bowls (Barbados), Tamarindo and Jaco (Costa Rica), traversed the Monte Verde Cloud forest, snowboarded all over Colorado, lived in three states, and, despite all this, watch a film almost daily.

Harvey and Andrea's enthusiasm and candor are more than inspiring and
I will forever be "on standby" for Captured Time Productions, where they
made me feel like family.


Kara Rogo

I turned down an internship at a local television news station 10 minutes away from my apartment to intern at Captured Time, which was hour away. My family and friends who knew about my decision thought I was nuts.  Also, the farm has contain three pets that I am allergic to. (Harvey and Yvonne probably thought I am crazy too when they heard of my situation). But in this business, I think a bit of craziness and following your gut is needed, so with a daily dose of Claritin I made the drive to the farm a couple days a week for three months. At Captured Time, I learned how to dub to how to properly pack a camera bag. I just got my first "growup" job at Fox News Channel in New York, working in the tape library.  While I still don't know where I see myself in 5 years (One of Harvey's favorites questions, so you are warned!), I have a better idea. And this is all thanks to Captured Time.  


Shelby Threloff

I interned at Captime in the fall of 2006 while in my final semester at Central Connecticut State University. I was honored and excited to be Captime’s first marketing intern. My favorite task assigned to me was to design a promotional postcard for Dislecksia: The Movie from photo shoot to print. The whole process was so much fun. I enjoyed it so much that after leaving the farm I have designed a DVD cover for and indie film Forever, by another farm friend, Justin Morales and his company Cool Hand Pictures.

After graduating from Central I started working at a Public Relations/Government Relations company in Hartford as an Administrative Assistant. I don’t see a future in working in Public Relations but for now I’m happy!

Dislecksia: The Movie's promotional post card was Designed, from photo shoot to print, by our very own marketing intern, Shelby.


Lisa Tilson

I joined the team fresh out of Western Connecticut State University, an unlikely place for a film major to appear from. I have been working for Captime since February of 2004, and they just can't seem to get rid of me. The amount of knowledge I have gained from working and listening cannot be measured in words. From running through the cornfields with Yvonne looking for the lifeguard chair, to running through NYC between 38th and 10th looking for lighting gels, there is nothing I haven't done for them. In return, they have been an invaluable resource as I work on my own documentary. Lending me their time, their shoulder to cry on, and most importantly their equipment, because being a struggling artist without the ability to afford bread means you have to rely on your friends! The three most important things I have learned from working with Harvey and Yvonne are, an organized mess is still organized, the answer to most questions is "standing by", and most importantly, production sharks are people too!


Jonathan Toloski

Jonathan ToloskiAvid Specialist
HB Communications

I can attribute certain successes in my career to the Captured Time family.  As a kid fresh out of college, I wasn’t sure what to do with my life.  I had the ambition, the hard working skills, but no direction.

 To my surprise, my older brother came home from work and mentioned how there was a production house in Litchfield, whom was just moving in.  After talking to the owners about me, they recommended I stop up with a resume.  The very next day, I drove my boomboxin car to the newly established Captured Time and promptly knocked on the door, resume in hand.  Little did I know the experience from this small production company would help fine tune my skills.  I credit my decision to move to Massachusetts, based on a heart to heart talk with Harvey.  That alone led to many great opportunities, including a job at the famed Avid Technology.

But where am I now?  HB Communications, as their Avid Specialist; building, testing, and teaching Avid to major broadcasters and production companies throughout New England. 

In a nut shell…a bit of ambition, plus a bunch of hard work, equals the opportunity.


Ryan Wark

I’m convinced that working at Captime was what helped me land my first “professional” job as an editor for a local news station here in CT. By throwing me into the wonderfully foreign world that was the Avid editing system I was able to learn a system that many college courses overlook, but many employers use.

Aside from learning to drive the avid for Saturday crew with Harvey, I got a good taste for what documentary filmmaking is all about; low budgets, hard work, and long hours. Being the only intern at one point, I was called on to do a variety of things to help the production of Dyslexia:The Movie move along. Whether it was tracking down background information on 18th century Swiss educators, assembling two hour Haskins scripts to send to Eric to be cut, or logging hours upon hours of tapes, it was all worthwhile and showed me exactly how much work goes into making a movie.

Since leaving the farm in the spring of 07, I’ve landed two jobs in a related field, one as a video production specialist at Central Connecticut State University, and one as an editor for WTNH. But because of working on the farm, and the positive experience I had, I’m gearing up to strike out on my own and start trying to tell my own stories. Thanks Captime for helping me get my first “notch in my belt” as Harvey would say.


If you are interested in joining Captime, e-mail us your resume and let us know a little about yourself, your experience, your interests, and your availability.

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