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Aimee S.

(production intern)

"My first job at Captime was taking out the garbage, but I’ve since graduated to being in charge of stock footage. Basically, I organize all of the footage we don’t own that’s being used and haggle with the different companies over pricing. I also am in charge of the same process for still images that are being used… fun :) "


Carrie S.

(production intern)

"I do a lot of coordinating with Harvey and make calls regularly to a number of our contacts and advocates. I keep track of the company emails, send out important packages and sit in on meetings. I also update the work list, allowing everyone in the production office to keep track of the tasks they are in charge of. Recently, I have been revising our database and working on the film’s budget. I’m usually at Harvey’s side with a notebook in hand ready to assign and be assigned jobs- you can just call me the glue."

Adam B.

(Production Intern)

"I’m the handyman around the office. My first day here I got to build a shelf for the supply closet. I work on the Avid whenever Eric (the editor) has something for me to do. I’m responsible for backing up all the computers and getting anything that’s not working back into working order. You name it I dabble in it."


Our movie even makes us laugh...and we've seen it 2,000 times!!

Liz H.

(Production Intern)

"I write…A LOT, whether it’s letters to celebrities and other talent, pleas for funding or responses on Facebook, I’m the girl. Today I wrote the script intro and “outro” for GRITtv for when they showcase our movie on “Got Docs?”. I’ve been doing research on dyslexia articles to find journalists to add to our press contacts, so people can hear about our movie- or else, what good is it?! Eric’s also been teaching Carrie and me all about the troubling world of budgets!"

Bills, Bills, Bills

Adam and Amee Working the Avid

Adam and Andrew - setting up for a shoot

Andrew O.

(Production Intern)

"I do a lot of random assignments around the office. My jobs run the gamut from assisting during shoots to working on marketing strategies for the film and doing research for the film. I have a battle of wits with Eric everyday, normally resulting with me being victorious and Harvey laughing."

Lighting for a shoot.

Andrew preparing for a shoot

Master Eric and Adam B

Adam B...he's really cool.

The new puppy...we think her name is Carly...but she gets called many different names

On the Avid.

Adam showing Amee how things work...(that's not what she said)

Liz- writing...writing...writing.

she can't make coffee...but she can write a damn good letter

...and read it enthusiastically!

it was a long letter...

Advocates Paige and Laurie and the crew!

Production Pupp

Adam B( Liz H Photography & co)

Carrie...pen and paper in hand, ready for anything.Liz chewing...ready for...another carrot

Pizza day!

Chalk Board Shoot

Harvey and Andrew

Harvey and Eric

Chalk board shot for the Pop Quiz

Eric - filming

Uncle Harvey and Uncle Eric


"I am working on Captured Time’s newest youtube, “What to tell your kid when you find out they have Dyslexia.” I also work as an assistant editor and shooter on the film."

Industry Mixer


In this photo: Marty Lang

Amy L

"Everyday is pretty different, but today I have been working on getting ready for the shoot as well as running through Avid, the editing system, trying to find the “brain” graphics. I also was taught, along with many of my fellow interns, how to make DVD dubs, which is what we send out to potential investors. I am also showing others how to make the new lower thirds for the movie. "

If you are interested in joining Captime, e-mail us your resume and let us know a little about yourself, your experience, your interests, and your availability.

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