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Yvonne Reelick

Associate Producer

Yvonne owned and managed a restaurant, ran a successful internet business, and worked on feature films before coming to Captured Time. She and Harvey Hubbell met on the set of Mr. Deeds and the rest is history. She is the mastermind of the production office, scheduling activities, supervising interns, coordinating festivals, organizing communications, directing research, setting up travel, overseeing computers and other technology, and keeping the books. She also manages the dogs, cats, cows, and plants and occasionally escapes to spend a little time with her cats, Merlin & Guinevere.

Cheri Daniels

Associate Producer

Cheri Daniels comes to Captime with a strong news background as both reporter/anchor and field producer. After graduating from Boston University, she began her journalism career in her native Massachusetts, one-man-banding for a live, daily, cable newscast. She then moved to Texas to become the senior reporter at an ABC affiliate in the Panhandle. Since moving back east in 2006, she freelance field produces and writes for several corporate clients and other long form projects. As associate producer for "Dislecksia: The Movie", Cheri wears several hats - including researcher, writer, marketing strategist, and logger-extraordinaire!




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